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Wall And Trim Color Set The Stage For Luxury Redesign

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Repainting is usually part of redesigning, if for no other reason than to make the finished room look clean. Changing the paint color is also a part of luxury interior design because the wall and trim colors play a major role in how a room is perceived. While the walls and doors are in the background, they serve as a sort of sky, if everything else in the room was part of a landscape. Have you ever gone outside to look at a beautiful scene only to feel down because of a hazy, smoggy sky? Inappropriate wall paint colors can have the same effect in a room. Matching the paint colors to the mood you want to set is one of the key steps in designing true luxury.

Matching Wall Color to Intended Mood

"Luxury" apartments often use an almond or tan wall paint. This has some basis in fact as many luxury homes use a beige or cream paint on the walls instead of white. But the effect these luxury spaces are going for is one of muted, comforting energy, a place where someone can quietly relax. Use these colors in a space that's meant to be more practical or even edgy, and they suddenly seem very generic and uncoordinated. More industrial spaces benefit from white wall paint, which adds to the bright lighting that these spaces typically use. The effect is subtle but real.

Contrast Isn't Always Necessary

It's been in vogue for a while now to have contrasting interior wall colors and trim. You might have almond walls with white baseboards, for example. This isn't always necessary to achieve a sense of luxury. In fact, sometimes it can backfire simply because this combination has been so overdone. Plus, if the trim color is too much of a contrast, it can be distracting, adding a visual element that is harder to ignore. In the sky example used previously, that too-contrasting trim can be like an electronic billboard disrupting your view of a forest or other nice landscape.

Paint and Painting Quality Matter

You also have to pay attention to the paint quality and to the quality of the painting job. Cheap paint that leaves an odor in the room for weeks won't do. Get low-odor paint, and be sure there are no extra drips or brush strokes in areas that aren't supposed to have paint on them. A true luxury space is neat and trim in its details.

If you'd like to have a space, be it your home or another space you'll occupy, that is designed to be a true luxury space, look for an interior designer who understands and has practical experience with luxury homes. Many people have an idea of luxury in their heads that is not quite the real thing, and a luxury interior designer who has had experience creating these spaces will transform your space into something amazing.