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How To Add Pre-Emergent Herbicide Spray To Your Gardening Routine

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Whether you are attempting to keep a well-manicured lawn or raise decorative flowers, weeds can ruin the aesthetic of your garden while choking out plants you want to grow. Getting rid of weeds is not always simple and usually involves several methods of prevention and removal throughout the year. One important part of weed prevention is the proper application of pre-emergent herbicide spray. Below are some things you should consider if you plan to use pre-emergent spray on your property. 

Understand Your Overall Goals 

Unlike pulling out a weed when you see it, pre-emergent herbicide spraying requires fore-planning, and all planning should involve a clear goal. Your goal should include what plants you plan to encourage, which annuals and perennials you will plant throughout the year, and which problematic weeds you want to get rid of. Once you have identified these plants and have an end goal for your garden, making a schedule for pre-emergent spraying will be much easier. If you do not have clear goals for your land, talk to a professional about the possibilities for your property.

Know the Growing Cycles of the Plants You Want to Keep

Pre-emergent sprays will stop the growth of multiple kinds of plants, so they can harm plants you want to keep if you apply them at the wrong time. Because of this, it is important to know the growth cycle of your desirable plants. You should also keep in mind that pre-emergent spraying is most-successful when the plants you want to keep are already well-established. However, there are some circumstances when you may want to spray before you plant. In these cases, you will need to wait several months after spraying to plant. 

Know the Growing Cycles of the Weeds 

Pre-emergent spray should be applied while seeds are underground, undergoing germination. Because you cannot see this process, it is important to know when it happens in your area.

Apply Even, Thorough Coverage 

Pre-emergent spraying depends on even coverage. It is important to use a sprayer and apply it in a ratio according to the manufacturer's suggestion. Additionally, most pre-emergent sprays need watering to complete their coverage. They should be sprayed just before it rains, or you should water the land after spraying. This helps to ensure adequate coverage. 

If you are unsure about how to apply pre-emergent herbicide spray, you should consult with a professional. Professional guidance can help you get the most out of your spray.