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Elements Of A Scandinavian-Style Bathroom

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Design trends come and go. However, some décor styles are so classic they always stick around. An example of such a classic is Scandinavian décor. According to The Spruce, simplicity, beauty, and utility are important elements of the Scandinavian style. These elements are ideal for a bathroom. Find out how to incorporate specific elements of a Scandinavian style into your bathroom design.

Light, Muted Palette

At the base of Scandinavian style is a light, muted palette. White is a very common color for the foundational color. Scandinavians favor this color palette because it brightens up their long, dark winters.

So, your base color for your walls is likely to be white. Even your sink and bathtub can be white. You can use light shades of other colors for other parts of the décor. For example, a warm-hued tile floor would be a beautiful complement to the stark white base. You can also add muted grays, blues, and browns.

Wooden Accents

When you think of Scandinavian countries, you might picture sitting in a sauna, which is a very popular pastime in the winter for obvious reasons. Well, the Scandinavian style does favor the use of hardwood for accents.

One area where you often see wood is in the shelving. Because of their love for functionality, Scandinavian bathrooms often feature open storage. The shelves are commonly hardwood. The vanity is another prime spot for the incorporation of wood.

Clean Lines

Another hallmark of Scandinavian style is a preference for clean lines. You don't see a lot of ornamentation in Scandinavian décor. Indeed, clean lines speak to the preference for simplicity in their décor.

So, when you're choosing elements for your bathroom, look for ones that feature a sense of minimalism. For example, you see sparse toilets — wall-mount, tankless toilets are especially popular because they're so streamlined. Your mirrors and fixtures should also be unornamented.

Empty Space

In that vein, Scandinavian décor shows a preference for decluttered spaces. Scandinavians take that sense of minimalism to all aspects of their décor, including whether they decorate with anything at all. They often let a striking piece take center stage by surrounding it with negative space.

So, when you're planning your Scandinavian-style bathroom, don't be afraid to include some empty spaces. For instance, consider backing your sink with nothing but white tile. This tile wall can span from floor to ceiling with only one break — a streamlined vanity mirror. Consider a mirror in a striking shape, such as a circle, for that touch of visual interest.

Apply elements of beauty, simplicity, and utility for a bathroom with Scandinavian style. Reach out to a bathroom design service to learn more today.