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Take Care Of Your Septic Tank And Pay Attention To Septic Tank Problems

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There is not a ton of work to do when you own a septic tank, but you do have to pay attention to problems with your system that arise when your system is starting to fail. A typical home septic tank should be pumped out every few years and inspected to make sure the tank is intact and working properly. A steel septic tank will last about 15 to 20 years, while those made of concrete can last up to 40 years. While you may avoid flushing unnecessary items into your septic tank and throw away kitchen grease instead of putting it down your drains, there are still times that your septic tank will become clogged and require professional septic tank maintenance.

Septic Tank Cleaning and Inspection

Your septic tank should be inspected when it gets cleaned out and any time you begin to have a problem with your septic tank system. Your septic tank takes care of all the wastewater produced in your home, holding the solid waste and removing the liquid through the leach field. If you have periods of heavy use, you may want to have your septic tank cleaned out more often to avoid a full septic tank.

Common Septic Tank Issues to Report

If you begin to have slow drains throughout your home, you may have a clog in your main sewer line. This can also indicate that your septic tank is getting full and needs to be emptied. You may note an odor coming from your drains or discover puddles in your yard when it has not rained. If your lawn is suddenly very green, there could be an issue with your septic tank that needs to be addressed. 

Taking Care of Your Septic System

To take care of your septic system, know where the septic tank is. Do not park anything heavy on the tank, as this can cause damage to your septic system. Know what is safe for your septic tank, and avoid flushing harmful items or allowing food waste to go down your drains. Avoid the use of heavy drain cleaners, as this can cause damage to your septic tank.

When you have a septic tank system in your home, pay attention to slow-moving drains and odors. Make sure that your tank is cleaned every few years, and report any issues with your septic system immediately to avoid a system failure.