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Reasons To Choose A High-Efficiency Toilet

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When it's time to get a new toilet, you may be surprised at the options available, especially if you've had your current one for decades. In addition to different styles and features on toilets, you can choose to buy a high-efficiency model. Here are some benefits of installing one of these toilets in your home.

A High-Efficiency Toilet Uses Less Water

The main reason for buying one of these toilets is to conserve water. Old toilets use a lot of water since the tanks hold several gallons and empty out with each flush. Most new toilets are designed to use much less water, but high-efficiency toilets go a step beyond and use as little as necessary. This is an important feature when you live in an area prone to drought or when you have a large family and want to save on your water bill.

The toilet is a heavy user of water in your house. If you aren't connected to the city sewer system, a toilet that uses a lot of water can strain your well pump and septic system. By cutting down on the amount of water used with each flush, your pump won't work as hard and your septic tank won't move water into the drain field as fast so there is less risk of clogging and other problems.

High-Efficiency Toilets Have A Powerful Flush

You may think a toilet that doesn't use a lot of water would have a weak flush or that the bowl won't be clean. If that's the case, you'd have to flush repeatedly and that would cancel out the benefits of using less water. High-efficiency toilets work in different ways. Some use compressed air that mixes with the water to forcefully empty the drain. These toilets have a powerful flush that clears the bowl and also helps prevent clogging. Other types of high-efficiency toilets have dual flushes. One flush uses a minimal amount of water to flush liquid waste through the drain, and another flush uses more water for solid wastes.

One of these toilets could play an important role in conserving water in your home, and you could also enjoy side benefits of a lower water bill, less clogging, and even less condensation on the toilet tank when using the compressed air model. Plus, you can get a high-efficiency toilet in a variety of styles so the toilet matches your decorating theme, whether you have a luxury bath or vintage decor.

When you look at high-efficiency toilets for sale, compare their ratings so you buy the best quality you can afford. These toilets are rated according to how many grams of waste a single flush can clear, and this value lets you know how well the toilet is expected to work in your home.

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