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Tips To Help You Use And Maintain Your Home's Drapes For Optimal Comfort

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The windows in your home are an important part to your everyday comfort and health, considering the sunlight provides warmth during the cold months and boosts your body's intake of vitamin D. With the right knowledge and some management of your home draperies you can maximize their use and keep your home interior comfortable and protected throughout the year. Here are some tips you can use to help you make the most of your home's draperies no matter the season.

Enhance Your Drapery Function

Not all draperies are created equal. ome are sheer and lacy and others are thick and lined with a woven insulation fabric. No matter the color and appearance of your draperies' exterior fabric, you want to make sure the entire panel of fabric provides you what you need for your window. For example, if you install a drapery made of thin gauzy fabric for privacy, it will provide some privacy but will not keep out the sunlight during the summer. 

Take a look at your drapes and make sure they provide you what you need for the window. You can have sheer, decorative privacy and a barrier against the cold in your draperies. To do so you can add a front panel that has two layers of fabric to insulate your windows against the cold. Then, add in a second drapery panel behind the first and on a second drapery rod to provide a layer of sheer coverage.

Consider the Season

Another important thing to consider is the time of year and the weather outside. For example, if the weather has turned cool, you may not want to block out all the sunlight from entering your home. You can allow some sunlight to enter into your home to help keep it warm.

Sunlight entering your home can warm your home from solar heat gain. However, keep in mind some surfaces inside your home may be faded and damaged from direct sunlight falling upon them each day. You can protect your flooring or furniture with rugs and old sheets covering your furniture pieces.

In the summer, you will want to close your drapes against the direct sun and prevent the sun's radiation from entering your home. Do this in the morning when the sun's rays begin to enter your home. You can also install window blinds, which you can angle upward to block incoming direct sunlight but allow indirect light to enter the room.

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