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Baby's First Year Of Changing Seasons – Fun Places To Get Pictures

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The first year of baby's life is full of lots of wonderful moments. Capturing these moments in pictures is so essential to holding on to the time that flies by so quickly. Here, you'll find a few ideas for photos that you'll cherish forever.

Pumpkin Patch Pictures

Nothing says fall like a pumpkin patch. Not only can the setting be used for Halloween pictures, but it can also be used for Thanksgiving. Take a little time and begin researching the pumpkin patches local to your area. Some go all out, creating backdrops for families to take photos, while others are a beautiful backdrop by themselves.

As you do your research, make sure to check their hours of operation. This will help you better plan your visit. You'll know when your baby will cooperate best for pictures—some do well first thing in the morning, some in the evening, and if you're really lucky, your baby cooperates at any given time of the day. If that's the case, try to plan to visit the pumpkin patch during the "golden hour," the time just before the sun sets. This will give you the absolute best lighting for fall pictures.

Christmas Pictures

Christmas pictures generally take place on Santa's lap, but if you're looking for something a little less traditional, consider having pictures taken at a Christmas tree lot. The time of day that you visit during will be determined by the weather and the lighting that the tree lot uses. If they have string lights, or even some of the trees lit up, you may be able to get some great pictures after the sun goes down. Take a trip to the lot a few days before you're ready to take pictures to get an idea of what to expect when you arrive. This will help you pick an outfit, choose a time, and let you walk through to see exactly where you'd like to take pictures.

Easter Pictures

Easter means spring and spring means flowers, so a great place to take your baby for some beautiful Easter pictures is a nursery or natural conservatory. Look for a place that has beautiful flowers for a backdrop. Bring along a few outfit changes so that you can adjust the outfit to coordinate with the colors behind the baby.

These are just a few of the moments that need to be included in your baby's first-year photo array. It might take some time to get it all done, but you'll create beautiful memories to go with the photos while visiting all of these fun places during your baby's first year.

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