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Protect Your Stone Products From Bird Droppings

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Song birds in your yard can provide color and pleasant music, but they can also damage some of your landscaping. Stone products, such as statuary, benches, walls, and patios, can be damaged from bird droppings. This is because bird droppings are highly acidic and the acid can etch, discolor, or even eat away at stone. Fortunately, there are some things you can do to protect the stone, and even keep the birds around if you like their visits. The following tips will help.

Tip #1: Use a bird repellent device

The type of bird repellent device you use depends on the nature of the stone item. In most instances, these devices are only useful on statues or high surfaces that aren't prone to human contact. Tacky strips or repellent gels work especially well and they don't damage stone. Strips are visible, but they work well on the top of high stone walls. Gel is smoothed over a surface and relatively invisible. The sticky surface of both is distasteful to birds so they won't land or nest on a coated surface. You will need to reapply the strips or gel periodically.

Tip #2: Install a scare device

Scare devices may cause birds to vacate your yard completely, so they aren't suitable if you still want song birds to visit. The most common are reflective strips or whirly-gigs, which blow in the wind. The light flashing off these combined with the movement frightens birds away. You can place them near the stone products that are subjected to bird damage.

Tip #3: Relocate the birds

You can sometimes tempt birds away from the stone items you want to protect. This is especially true if the items consist of a fountain, garden-bordering wall or patio, or stone plantar. This is because the birds may be drawn to the area to forage for water or seeds. By setting up a feeder and bird bath in another portion of the yard, the birds will no longer be as drawn to your stone items. Just make sure to keep the feeder full and the bird bath clean. Also, hang the feeders high enough so neighborhood cats and other predators can't sneak up on the distracted birds.

If the birds still soil your stone products, don't despair. You can clean them with a stone cleaner and stiff brush. Do so every couple of weeks, though, so droppings don't build up and damage the stone. To learn more about stone products, visit a business such as Harristone