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Protecting Your Investment After Getting Hardwood Floors Installed

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If you recently had hardwood flooring installed throughout your home, you are undoubtedly enjoying the beauty it provides to your living space. If you wish to retain this favorable look, steps need to be taken in the maintenance of your floors. Protecting them from damage is key. Here are some tips you can use to keep your hardwood floors looking like new for years to come.

Take Time To Remove Debris Daily

It is extremely important to remove all traces of debris from your hardwood floors each day. If you fail to clean the floors effectively, pieces of debris can scratch the wood, leaving behind unsightly markings and possibly damaging the floor as a result. Instead of using a broom to remove dirt, purchase a hand-held vacuum cleaner with an attachment hose. A soft-bristled brush can be attached to the hose to help protect your floors from scrapes as you vacuum. Make sure to hold the brush slightly away from the floor's surface when cleaning as well, as this will minimize scratching.

Protect Floors With Preventative Steps

Place a rug inside of each doorway to aid in the removal of debris from shoes when people coming into your home. If possible, remove your shoes when you come into the home to help keep debris at a minimum. It is a good idea to add a protective layer to your wood floors to help keep them from becoming dirty or damaged. Call your floor installation service to find out what type of wood they had used to construct your floors and see if they offer a protectant you can apply every few months on your own. If not, a sealant can be purchased from a hardware store.

Refinish Floors To Improve Their Appearance

It is a good idea to periodically refinish hardwood floors to remove flawed areas from view. This is done with aid from a drum sander and is usually handled by a professional flooring company for the best results. It will be necessary to removal all personal effects from rooms where floors are being refinished, as sawdust will be quite abundant during the refinishing procedure. The sander is used to remove scratches and faded portions. Sanding your floors will instantly allow new wood to be exposed, giving rooms a pick-me-up immediately. After the sanding procedure, it will be necessary to stain and seal the wood boards to keep them protected from moisture and dirt accumulation.

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