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Top Benefits When Adding Activated Charcoal Products to Your Beauty Regimen

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When designing your beauty routine, it is a good idea to stick with products that contain natural ingredients. These organic additives are more gentle on skin and often provide extra health benefits. Activated charcoal products fit this category, as they work by trapping toxins in their pores and keeping them out of your body. Below is a list of benefits you can expect to enjoy when utilizing activated charcoal. 

Whitens Teeth

Not big on toothpastes loaded with chemicals that are designed to whiten your teeth? Using an activated charcoal toothpaste is an excellent alternative. Simply brush the paste over your teeth and wait three to four minutes before rinsing to allow the charcoal time to lift and remove coffee, blueberry, and tea stains. 

Reduces Blackheads

If you suffer from blackheads, you'll be excited to learn that activated charcoal facial masks can help. The product works by drawing out bacteria, dirt, and allergens that have entered your pores and caused blackheads to form. Not only will your skin look cleaner and more radiant after you use the facial mask, but it will also feel much smoother to the touch. Consider using the charcoal mask once per week to keep future blackheads away. 

Leaves Hair Clean and Shiny

Activated charcoal offers a few benefits when it comes to your hair. First, the natural substance removes the impurities in your hair. Most tap water found in homes contains such chemicals as lead and aluminum that isn't washed away with traditional shampoos. The activated charcoal will trap and remove these. Second, the charcoal neutralizes the acidity in your hair so that the pH balance of your scalp can be restored. This is important if you tend to suffer from a dry itchy scalp, which occurs when the scalp and hair are too alkali. For an added benefit, pick a shampoo that is also scented with essential oils.  

Removes Dead Skin From Feet

Another activated charcoal product you won't want to live without is a foot scrub. Taking some time to pamper your feet is key, especially for individuals who work in an environment that has them up and running around all day long. In addition to washing away any bacteria or fungi that may be present on your feet, the scrub naturally lifts away the dead skin. It will even help smooth away calluses if you tend to suffer from them. The result is softer skin with the healthier skin cells having had a chance to make it to the surface of the feet. 

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