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Top 3 Things To Check While Waiting For Your Furnace Repair Technician

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Are you a homeowner who lives in a snowy state? Are you worried about whether or not your furnace is up for another year of keeping the house warm? Furnaces can sometimes be tricky things. You may think that they are doing fine, only to suddenly wake up one morning to a freezing cold house. But before you ditch your current furnace for a new one, it's possible that a simple repair or two may be all it needs. While waiting for your home furnace repair technician to arrive, here are some common sources of issues that you may have forgotten to check out:

Replace thermostat batteries: Once upon a time, all thermostats were connected to the furnace or air conditioner via actual wires. Today, that may not necessarily be true. Many modern thermostats are wireless or semi-wireless. When their batteries are low, they may no longer be able to send the signal to your furnace that it needs to turn on, resulting in a house that is freezing cold. Or if your thermostat is wired but has various programming options, it may have batteries inside to ensure that the programming stays in the event of a power outage. Instead of being a sign that you need a home furnace repair, a cold house may simply be the thermostat's way of telling you to replace the batteries.

Change the filter: If you haven't changed your furnace's filters since last year, now is a good time to do so. A dirty filter makes it more difficult for your furnace to draw air through the heating system. This can result in your furnace overheating and shutting off prematurely. Letting it go too long can definitely result in needing a home furnace repair, while replacing the filters regularly may be all you need to keep your furnace functioning properly.

Open closed doors: The ductwork in your house was carefully designed in order to make sure that all of the rooms in your home are heated equally. If one room has a door that's closed all of the time, that room may be hotter than the rest of the home, and it can have a higher pressure inside as the heated air struggles to escape from beneath the door and anywhere else it can go. Your furnace may have trouble fighting this high pressure, resulting in a situation similar to a clogged air filter. The furnace may then shut itself off to prevent damage to itself. While there's nothing wrong with sometimes closing doors, your furnace will almost certainly run better if air is allowed to flow freely throughout your home.