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Three Tree Care Tips

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Ensuring that the trees on your property are kept in the best condition possible will require you to be fairly informed about these large plants. Sadly, there are many new homeowners that may not know much when it comes to caring for trees, and this can lead to some potentially serious problems and complications. In order to avoid these issues for your home, you should make it a point to keep the following few tree care tips in mind.  

Leave Pruning To The Professionals

Pruning away sick and dead portions of plants can be an excellent way of encouraging them to grow by saving the plant from diverting resources to the sick or damaged areas. Unfortunately, some individuals will attempt to prune their trees without professional help, and this can prove to be a major mistake. If you incorrectly prune your trees, you can inadvertently expose them to a higher risk of suffering serious infections or other issues. This stems from the fact that professional pruners will have substances that they can apply to the cut areas of the tree to prevent bacteria and insects from targeting the freshly cut sections of the tree.

Water The Base Of The Tree During Dry Periods

During the hot summer months, it can be common for areas to experience various degrees of drought. While you may be aware of the need to regularly water your lawn and other plants during these periods, you may not realize that your trees will benefit from being watered as well. However, when you are watering your trees, you will want to make sure to thoroughly soak the ground around the base of the tree. This will allow the water to seep deep into the ground. Conversely, if you only water the top portion of the soil, the roots may start to grow towards the surface, which can make the tree unstable.

Have Trees Near Your Home Inspected Annually

Sadly, it can be difficult for you to check on the condition of your trees because you may not be able to clearly see the top portions of these plants. Luckily, it is possible to have a trained tree care professional perform this type of inspection for you. During these evaluations, these professionals will thoroughly inspect the tree for any signs of disease, damage, or rot. By having the trees near your home professionally inspected on a yearly basis, you can help to lower the risk of portions of the tree falling onto your home and causing damage.

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