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Need A Master Bath Makeover Fast? Easy And Affordable Changes That Work

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If you are in desperate need of a master bath makeover, and your outdated master bathroom is an eyesore, it's time to make big changes in the space. You can make big changes even if you don't want to spend a lot of money, and without changing structural components of the bathroom.

Use Ceramic Tiles

Ceramic tile is an ideal option to go over linoleum flooring, or to replace outdated tile or damaged hardwood. The ceramic tiles are light in color, modern, easy to clean, and affordable. They are also easy to install. When choosing a grout color, be sure to choose a darker color that isn't going to show liquid stains or markings. If you are worried about the tile being cold, look into floor heating options.

Get Glass Shower Doors

Change the entire look of your bathroom by taking out the tub shower combo, or the shower insert, and by adding glass shower doors. You may need to tile the walls of the shower to make this work, but the glass doors are going to make the bathroom look bigger. This is also going to add a lot of light while you're showering, and the glass doors are a very sleek and modern feature to have in the space.

Frame in the Toilet

Is it an annoyance that you can't get in the bathroom if your spouse or partner is in there using the toilet, even when you just want to get something out of a drawer or get ready? Have the toilet framed in, so there is a door and walls blocking the view. This is a feature common in new construction, and it isn't expensive to do.

Take Down Large Builder Mirrors

Are there large mirrors with no frames that go the length of the vanity? Instead, replace these with single mirrors over each sink, or one large mirror with a thick or decorative frame over a single sink. You can also get mirrors that are lighted, to add light when you're putting on makeup, shaving and more. This gives the space a custom look.

Get a New Vanity Set

You can get a modern wood vanity with cabinets and hardware that already comes with a stone or solid surface countertop. This means you don't need to have someone come into the house to add new cabinets, then to install counter tops. These sets are low cost, easy to install, and allow you to pick from the most modern designs.

These are just a few of the things that you can do to make a big difference, without needing to remodel the entire space. Set a budget and start changing your master bath to look like a relaxing spa you enjoy. Visit http://glasshopperaurora.com to learn more.