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Landscape Your Way To A Bigger Yard

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Having a small backyard isn't exactly the most appealing thing. Small backyards can seem cramped and unattractive, but you can change that. No, landscaping won't magically transform your yard from 500 square feet to 5000 square feet, but it can definitely make it look larger. With a little creativity on your part, you can landscape your way to a larger (looking) yard.

Hardscape In The Right Direction

Always install your hardscaping in the right direction. An easy way to do this is to avoid laying your bricks or pavers in the same angle as the smallest part of your yard. For example, if your yard space is long and narrow, lay the bricks vertically.

Applying the bricks horizontally will highlight just how narrow the yard space is. Applying them vertically highlights the length of the yard, making it appear larger. It's also a good idea to avoid laying your hardscaping in straight lines. Winding patterns or diagonal lines can also offer the illusion of more space.

Create Dimension

It's also a good idea to add dimension to your yard space. Having landscaping features installed at varying levels creates depth, which can make your yard look larger than it actually is. Instead of a traditional flower bed, consider adding in container flower beds as well. For example, plant a single row of flowers on the ground.

Elevate the ground behind the row and install a row of container flower beds. Depending on how much space you have, you can plant several more layers to achieve even greater depth. This is also a great way to achieve the large garden you always wanted when you have limited space.

Remove The Frame

Removing the frame is also helpful. Take an infinity pool for example. They aren't really bigger, but the absence of a border makes them appear larger. In terms of your yard, you can achieve the same look by hiding your fence. Consider installing a wall of greenery along the perimeter of your fence.

The large wall of shrubs removes the frame from your small yard and makes it look like a never ending forest. Consider the height of your fence and choose options that can reach heights at least two feet taller. This way you can ensure your fence is covered entirely. If you live in a highly-populated area, this is also a great way to get more privacy.

Making your backyard appear larger can open up the space tremendously, making it more appealing and inviting. Talk to your local landscaping contractors, such as Superior Lawn and Landscape, for more information.